We are a family owned and operated business and have been serving the Village of Hanover since 1982 beginning with Hanover Pizza & Ice Cream Unlimited, Co. where Bob and Sis Shrivers made the community a part of our family and our family a part of the community.  Our goal is to bring the Village of Hanover and the Licking County community, freshly brewed coffee and specialty drinks made with naturally sourced and sustainable coffee beans delivered fresh weekly for optimal flavor.  Our Triple Bean name is derived from the three bean blend used in everything from our espresso to our frozen lattes.  The blend is a mix of beans carefully selected from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Mexico and locally roasted in Central Ohio.  From the farmer, to the roaster, to you, we are proud to work with One Line Coffee to deliver you the freshest cup of coffee.  We hope you enjoy this Triple Bean taste, as well as our other delicious, naturally sourced and locally roasted coffee products.



From the Bean

Ground to perfection straight from the bean so the flavor is enhanced, smell is fragrant and taste is incredible.

Made with Love

Our employees have spent many hours training and perfecting the drinks you love.  They want you to leave with a smile.

Into your Cup

We want you to start your day with us, so we can put a smile on your face and some pep in your step to handle whatever is thrown your way.



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Our Shop

2289 W High Street NE
Newark, OH 43055


Tel: 740.975.5704


To apply for a job with Triple Bean Coffee Co., please fill out this application and email it too: triplebeancoffee@gmail.com